"ELECTRIC CANDIES" 2012 - 2013
Pigment on mylar, LED lights.
Site Specific modulation

The installation Electric Candy is inspired by my childhood memories of post-war Czechoslovakia.

The country, already devastated from the Nazi occupation, was taken over by Soviet Union. As a 4 year old child, I never saw any color except from nature. We received packages from distant relatives in Chicago which contained beautiful, unimaginable things. Packs of chewing gum, hard candies, different types of food, were all packaged with strong color and design which, to me, was equally as important as their contents. I treasured all of these wrappings as precious possessions, becoming the envy of all my friends. Electric Candies directly reflect my childhood memories from this time period.

Created in modular installations using mylar painted with alcohol based pigments.




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