Initially Levitation was to be composed of formed mylar pieces that would be mounted on walls. This composition was based on my exhibit executed in the Bond Gallery and reviewed by Art in America in 2005. These forms have been based on the dome enclosures of Baroque churches from the 16th and 17th century. These structures were open to the sky, allowing the sunlight to be channeled to the altar. After installing these pieces, I realized I needed to bring my archaeological objects to this specific room. Therefore, I decided to reference my exhibit Archaeology/Excavation from OK Harris, also reviewed Art in America (2006). These archaeological installations employed organic encaustic and raw beeswax on very large panels. In addition, there were multiples of offerings created from raw beeswax and quilts. Based on this link, I began working on a group of archaeological excavations of an unknown period of time. Segments of these excavated cities carry evidence of precious materials and are fused together with inorganic stone, marble and terracotta elements. The precious organic materials are relatively new elements, which I have been working in for the past several years. In this archaeological finding, I decided to use the “freshly” carved raw marble to enclose the whole installation site.

Media: marble, slate, organic resins, raw beeswax, quilts and mylar



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