O F F E R I N G S / R E D E M P T I O N
White marble with lapis lazuli and tiger eye inlay, H:1.53-1.78 meters L: 2.42 meters each
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  Renderings with 5 elements  
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Amassed in monumental size and elegant beauty, my proposed sculptural works will not only enhance the atmosphere of the newly constructed MAXXI museum, but will offer all visitors the experience of viewing and interacting with a large-scale version of classical materials and techniques executed in a contemporary form. The 3 to 5 ovular cut pieces will measure approximately 153 to 178 cm high by 242 cm long. They will be sculpted out of fine white marble with tiger-eye and lapis lazuli inlay in the time-honored pietre dure technique, which dates back to the 1500’s in the European Royal Courts. These pristine materials have existed for thousands of years and have shown their resilience to time and weather. The placement of these pieces at the new MAXXI Museum would represent and honor the majesty of a traditional Italian technique while in-keeping with contemporary thought and aesthetics.

In addition to offering pristine beauty, these Offerings/Redemptions are rich with symbolic meaning. The egg shapes lend themselves to interpretations of organic life, beginnings, and reproduction. These eggs are also part of the Offerings/Redemptions series that I have been working on progressively for years. The series is based on the concept of precious offerings constructed for a higher deity. Originally, my offerings were sculpted out of beeswax and fibrous materials and were suggestive of organic shapes. My process has transformed to encompass the marble and semi-precious stone materials and pietre dure technique to create a more pristine and treasure-like offering. The Offerings/Redemption have transformed from archeological specimens to discovered treasure and are now on their way to a new path of monumental size structures.

Offerings/Redemption can stimulate engagement with the angles, streamlined lines and forms of Zaha Hadid’s architectural concepts. The materials and forms provide a seductive and tactile visual experience. Offerings/Redemptions can afford the newly constructed MAXXI Museum with the enrichment of concept, form, history, and timelessness.

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