A R C H A E O L O G Y   2 0 0 0
"Archaeology" 2000, wood, organic beeswax, natural fibers, steel, marble


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...Kraus often employs contradictory pains of adverbs; natural/artificial, hard/soft, intimate/generic, seductive/repellent, perhaps to show how easily one tips toward the other depending on the contextual fulcrum point of any perceptual apparatus. As a species of eccentric, minimalist "Grand Guignol", the materials Kraus chooses encourage a relatively quick working method, which also allows for a personal gestural response to register. The more it pushes for either decorative or transgressive metaphors, the more it relinquishes connections to Formal objecthood or Minimalist reductivism. A raw spontaneity is reigned in only by a controlling geometry. Natural irregularities vie with intentional manipulation to cancel or provoke readings as evocative gesture. An overt theatricality prevents objects from becoming pure process....

Joseph Karoly

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