International sculpture symposium
Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

Permanent installation in public space

Lime stone, marble
Dimension: 290 x 230 x 150 cm

Scale model 1:18
Available in bronze - edition of 6

Dolmen 4000 BC
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Installation of the "Monument"
Over the period of previous six months I have been working on the series of the paintings/sculptures "Stations of the Cross" dealing with the visual associations of Crucifixion not using literary images but relying on visual identification with biblical event. The individual panels size approximately 2 meters by 1,4 meters are having service related quality of the "Monument", which I just completed at Simppetra 2002.

As the last part, the 14th part of the Crucifixion is dealing with the burial of Jesus Christ, the quality of the stone base and the transfiguring incision, inserted refine marble columns are already suggesting the resurrection.

To complete this work I am expecting that marble base formation of the cross would be overall supporting structure of the Monument - see attached drawing. Four existing marble columns - 150 cm by 20 x 20 cm - will be placed underneath of the sides of the Monument as indicated by the marks in the middle of the Monument's walls. The columns would be expending approximately 1 meter out and 0,5 meter in. These four identical columns are in the bird site view creating the outline of the cross and carrying the weight of the Monument.

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