T R I O   A T E L I E R

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Permanent installation by Pavel Kraus in TRIO ATELIER restaurant in Chicago area
DVD by Kraustudio. Collaboration of Pavel Kraus and Petra Valentova, executed by ProgressiveIMG, New York. 

Trio Atelier strives to present diners with both a visually arresting environment as well as the culinary quality they have come to expect, in a renewed exploration of profound experiences. Trio Atelier is based on integrity, linking the elements of its environment to the culinary pleasures of the kitchen.

Limestone tables in the Salon give entrance to Trio's new culinary direction, Atelier. The half-ton stone tops and the supportive steel structure pay homage to the American architecture. The unpretentious materials truthfully relate to our intentions. Bags of salt are prevalent throughout the space as it represents an essential ingredient in cooking and our return to the basic nature of our craft. The "pool house" provides a breezing sensual environment with the pleasurable sensation of summer, water and color.

Dream-like thought images projected on video screens reflect aspects of our lives and the ability of technology to transform mere pixels into an incredible experience, much like melding the simplest of ingredients into a wonderful culinary creation. 


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