G L A S S   C A S T L E
Material: Water white, acid washed laminated glass. Dimension 8' x 28' x 2'.
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The "Glass Castle" would act as a central unifying element in a landscape. This sculpture would be installed in a central location and provide a visual continuity for the other four individual sculptures located in front of their respective buildings. Placed in the center of the development, the installation would create a public/meeting space and facilitate pedestrian traffic throughout the central location.

The installation is composed of two alternating walls of five yellow and four red acid washed laminated glass panels, spaced two feet apart. The panels progressively increase in size from seven to eight feet, are tilted two degrees to the right, and the walls are curved. The two walls are separated from each other by a space of two feet where the lighting elements are installed, and the entire foundation is filled with white marble pebbles.