C R I M S O N   P A V I L I O N
Acid washed, hand crafted water white laminated glass. Dimension 19' x 8' x 8'. To be installed in Charlotte, NC in 2007.
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Luminated by fiber optics.
Straddling the border between minimalism and theatricality, the "Crimson House" presents the viewer with a sense of perceptual slippage between an expectation of the familiar, and something more enigmatic.
Suggesting a dwelling, shelter, temple, pleasure pavilion, this decidedly un-natural structure conveys both mimesis and metaphor in its physical presence. It can be perceived, but not touched or entered, intimating a more contemplative purpose. In the paradoxical citation of the phenomenological and the epistemological, physical presence and a spiritual intangibility conspire in the production of perceptions at the edge of experience.
Qualities of changing light and atmospheric conditions produce shifts from translucency to opacity making even visual recognition subject to perceptual indeterminance; interpretation deferentially suspended by sensation.

Joseph Karoly