Concept for lobby.
Glass art to be installed behind the reception desk; dimension approximately 8.5’ x 16’. The second panel will wrap a 90 degree corner near the elevators; dimension approximately 6.75’ x 9’ (larger segment) and 6.75’ x 2.5’ (smaller section). Back lighting to be created by fiber optics or by high-tech lighting elements.

Two options to create the large panel behind the reception desk:
1. The panel would be fabricated from single sheet of glass, which would consist of 2 layers of ” thick laminated glass with sand blasted surface.
2. Three or more panels of acid washed laminated water white glass with color films.

The smaller piece near the elevators would be fabricated from single panel or if design decision calls for, would be constructed from number of individual panels.
The translusive / see through elements behind the glass are created by combinations of lighting system and by color films overlays inserted between the glass during the process of lamination.
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