Media : steel, organic beeswax, lead, wood, natural fibers, graphite, granite powderInstallation video - "SEX AND DEATH / OFFERINGS" Protective sound environment entitled "DETRITUS OF MATING" by composer DENNIS BATHORY-KITSZ

The holiest space-a temple-like etting-ascared space in some period of time, in some period of time, in some place and in some continent, has alink to both beginning and future and exists in the present. There are interconnected altars and death columns with offerings being given to a deity who is observing and taking what is most precious from us. The essential organic and inorganic elements, softness, temperature,and lifelike smell continue to float toward death and to wait for forgiveness. Everything is related to prior excavations and provides future evidence of human endeavors. It is beyond time and civilization. The offerings are anthropological and archeological. We can lean against, move towards, and take them in our hands: we can feel them. They've their origins in human hands, but we do not know whose. They are part of a culture that is ever-present and is inherited from Egypt, Asia, medieval Europe and elsewhere. The premise, in a short time period of life, is based on what we see and give back. They are stripped of decoration, fashion, and other ornaments that are totally irrelevant. They have weight, dimension, and have inherited the human spirit. Later, someone will try to understand these remains of the past and future.

NOVEMBER 21 - JANUARY 02, 97/98